How to Speak Up in Your Dreams

Through contact with OWL you will learn an entirely new way of thinking about and experiencing your dreams.

You will receive a series of simple exercises to help you begin having dreams that work FOR you and WITH you, not against you or in random or weird ways.

Learn How to Speak Up in Your Dreams

In How to Feel Good in Your Dreams, you will learn to identify your dreams by how you feel. You will also learn to NOTICE how you feel in your dreams, how to IDENTIFY and RATE how you feel in your dreams, and finally, how to TRANSFORM how you feel in your dreams.

At Level One of each initiation, all you are asked to do is NOTICE your Dreams Opportunities. At this level, you are not trying to make very detailed connections between your dreams and your waking life. Instead, you are being shown how to NOTICE that many of the opportunities which are there during the day also occur in your dreams.

At Level Two, you will learn to IDENTIFY your basic Dreams Opportunities. When you learn this skill you are learning something you can use for the rest of your life.

At Level Three, you will learn how to TRANSFORM your dream opportunities while you are awake. Remember, DO NOT TRY TO CHANGE YOUR DREAMS WHILE YOU ARE ASLEEP–that can make dreaming hard work.

This Dreams Opportunity also includes SPECIAL BONUS MATERIALS ON ONEIROGNOSIS: How to be CONSCIOUS in your dreams.

The How to Feel Good initiation process includes FOUR one-hour recorded sessions — we recommend that you listen to each of the four sessions for a week, practice the exercises, then contact your Dreams Guide via email, to request a personal DreamStream session.

Dreams Guide: Paul M. Sheldon, M.A.
Initiation fee: $149

Dreams Buddy fee: $59 each, for two or more registering together.

“Beta Tester” fee for “Early Adopters” willing to share feedback and suggestions: $49 per initiate.