Oneirognostic Wholehearted Limnosophy

Clear envisioning is hard on the off chance that you are restless. You require no less than 4-6 hours of

overwhelmingly profound rest (Non-REM or NREM rest) for your body to physically to reestablish and

repair itself.

Just in the last hours of your rest do you enter long times of REM rest. This is the place the brain

recuperates itself mentally by means of dreams – and clear dreams.

The principal long for the night is the most limited, enduring only a couple of minutes and sandwiched

between periods of profound rest. You’re unrealistic to recollect any of this fantasy. The second dream

cycle happens around a hour and a half later and is somewhat more long. In any case, it’s not until your

fourth or fifth REM cycle (from around six hours onwards), that you encounter long periods of dream

rest going 45-a hour.

So on the off chance that you just rest five or six hours for every night, except could undoubtedly rest

more, you are denying yourself of those additional long periods of REM rest.