About O.W.L.

O.W.L is an ancient order of dreamers – a caring community, dreaming up a more sustainable world, singing and dancing along the way.

What are your fondest dreams?

Which dreams would you keep in the dreamstream, but not in the waking world?

Which dreams would you prefer to realize in your waking life?

Which dream would you start with first?

Limnosophy is an omnipresent, mysterious divine, ancient, sacred process, which can lead to the realization of your fondest dreams. O.W.L. provides dream guidance in the waking world, to help you learn how to remember, understand, identify, and realize your dreams.

O. W. L – Oneirognostic Wholehearted Limnosophy

~ An Introduction ~

ONEIRO: dream

GNOSTIC: knowing by means of direct experience, especially spiritual states of awareness; conscious; aware; one who knows

WHOLE: complete; holy; sacred; fulfilled; at home; in place

HEARTED: trusted; sincere; compassionate; central; loving

LIMNO: pool; lake; essential nature of pools of water, including droplets, rivulets, streams, rivers, groundwater, lakes, marshes, swamps, ocean, mist, clouds, snow, ice, rain – the whole water cycle

SOPHY: Sophia – ancient, divine, feminine presence of intuitive wisdom; companion to Logos – ancient, divine, masculine expression of language

In the ancient, sacred, metaphoric tradition known as O. W. L., individualized consciousness flows from the deep, mysterious source of human potential described by Carl Jung, psychologist, alchemist, and gnostic philosopher, as the “collective unconscious,” and by the American playwright Kermit Hunter as simply the “ancientness.” This Ancientness has been called by thousands of names in thousands of cultures.

Metaphorically, this deep, omnipresent source corresponds with the groundwater, artesian pools, streams, and rivers that flow through pools and lakes.

As a tradition, limnosophy descends from the metaphoric and natural relationship between pools of water and human wisdom ~ the meaning of pools and lakes in human settlements.

Healthy pools require periodic flow. Standing water becomes stagnant, freezes, evaporates, or percolates into the ground. So also consciousness can depart from stagnant lives and institutions, leaving behind arid, meaningless habits, rituals and superstitions.

As water-based life forms, human bodies also thrive on a periodic flow, passing through, settling briefly in cells and organs ~ each drop of fluid, each cell, each organ a little pool, borrowing water and nutrients from the local water cycle.

Just as the periodic flow of clean, pure, fresh water enlivens human bodies and human settlements, the “dreamstream” enlivens human awareness, through the periodic flow of dreams, ideas, intuitions, feelings, symbols, signs, and metaphors which provides evidence of conscious awareness.

Nearly all wisdom can be expressed metaphorically, by referring to pools, lakes, tributaries, outflows or other aspects of the water cycle.

Recognizing the metaphoric confluence of water, consciousness and habitat, limnosophers appreciate and embody traditional respect for clear, pure, flowing water through spiritual and scientific observances. Similarly, limnosophers appreciate the intact forest soils and bedrock that cradle and wash the water of the streams flowing into pools and clear mountain lakes, as well as the streams, rivers, floodplains, floodplain forests, prairies, deserts, marshes, swamps, wetlands, groundwater, lagoons, seas, and ocean, all of which bring the fog, mists, clouds, snow and rain which complete the life cycle of pools and lakes.

At the edge of natural bodies of water, many people recognize the essentially fluid nature of consciousness. Human settlements traditionally occur along the shores of lakes, beside pools, and along the banks of rivers. Basic human sustenance depends on clean pure water. Commerce between neighboring cultures flows along rivers and around the edges of large bodies of water.